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Pregnancy and sex

Perhaps the most questions that are presented to the doctors about healthy sexual contact between spouses during pregnancy and may cause health complications for women and the fetus. The findings of many scientific studies show that sexual intercourse during pregnancy is considered normal and which do not bear any damage to the woman or her unborn child. These studies were unanimous that there are some cases where the sexual contact harmful to the health of women and the fetus, and these cases are:

  1.  When a woman has previously suffered from recurrent abortion or premature birth.
  2. The presence of the placenta (Albulasanta) in non-normal.
  3.  The emergence of bleeding during pregnancy.
  4. The emergence of water birth.

If the husband is infected with sexually transmitted disease such as herpes and Chlamydia, which has been passed by these diseases, the wife of the embryo and thus causing serious illness.

In the case of the absence of any such case or other reason determined by a medical specialist, the fear of sexual contact between spouses during pregnancy is not justified and may contribute to emotional distance and some of the tensions between the couple.
Different healthy sexual contact between spouses during pregnancy in different months of pregnancy: in the first three months of experiencing a pregnant woman usually symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue and lack of desire for food which does not appear sexual desire with the husband to be estimated and understanding of the situation of his wife.
With the beginning of the fourth month of the previous symptoms are over and the woman's vagina will be more congestion and Wife which increases sexual desire and have had sexual contact more easily and reach women usually trance intercourse. So are the months of the fourth to sixth months of the most suitable for sexual intercourse between spouses.
Divided scientific studies on healthy sexual contact between spouses Twelve pregnancies in the last three months some say not healthy sexual contact, including the most widely accepted says Beship sexual contact until the last days of pregnancy but it's advised some of the means that will prevent the emergence of any complications.

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