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Applying for Tawjihi Exam

 ?What is Tawjihi
Applying Tawjihi Exam

Tawjihi is the general secondary examination in Jordan, is intended by the Ministry of Education annually. Students take the exam after the completing two years of junior high school.  

Exam is a standardized scale for measuring the efficiency of the Kingdom of education. 

To success in the Tawjihi test of the student should get more than 50% for each tested material. Upon successful student receives a certificate of high school, and is the first certificate earned by the student in his school.


More about the Tawjihi: 


To whom the Tawjihi exam is available?

Choosing a curriculum for Tawjihi exam

why do I need a Tawjihi?








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I want to add some about the exam it is more than fair, and some in front of it. In all cases, the problem is a source of intense debate. Private schools are constantly trying to convince the Jordanian National Assembly to increase the share. At the moment there does not seem to plans.
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