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Attraction- the parks in Jordan

Al Hussein Public Park
Attraction- the parks in Jordan - Al Hussein Public Park


Al Hussein Park is a public park in Amman; it included a cultural village, sports fields, memorial building, historical passageway, decorated gardens, amphitheater, circular yard, automobile museum, and children museum.


In the main attraction of Al Hussein Public Parks, a landscaped garden covers 70 acres (280,000 m2) of a hillside. Sections of the garden include water elements, plants and trees, Mastabas of various heights, arbors, sand hills, gardens, and sites representing historical periods, Constructed by Engineering Universe for Building and Contracting, completed in 2006.

Al-Hussein Gardens consists of many facilities, including: 

  1. The Cultural Village:

A square surrounded by Jordanian handicraft shops. The goal of it is to introduce Jordan's cultural heritage to Jordanians and visitors alike.

  1. Historical Passageway: 

A mural constructed on a 488 meter wall displays Jordan's history from the origins of humans in the area to present times. Certain historical events mark each section. The mural was made using natural elements, such as marble, granite, iron, bronze, ceramic tile and pottery

  1. Circular Yard: 

The Circular Yard is a decorated patio area or tile, sand, and grass that is mostly used for events and festivities.

  1. King Hussein Mosque: 

One of the largest mosques in Jordan, located at a height of 1013 above sea level.

  1. The Royal Automobile Museum: 

The Royal Automobile Museum depicts the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, from the early 1920's until the present day.The featured cars highlight the life of His Majesty the late King Hussein and his reign, as well as the many aspects of his leadership.

The museum affords the visitor an insight into the history of the Kingdom through the exhibited cars from the era King Abdullah I, the founder of the Kingdom, to the current era of His Majesty King Abdullah II. These exhibits recap the development of the Kingdom in pace with the automotive advancement in the country and its transformation since the Great Arab Revolt during World War I.

Rare photo archives and video footage are used throughout the museum. A multimedia room, a library, as well as a souvenir shop are available to provide the visitor with a comprehensive and stimulating historical experience.

The museum is the first in Jordan equipped with a personal electronic narration in five languages. Our Easy Guide system allows you to enjoy an in-depth and comprehensive visit of the museum at your own pace. The narration is available in Arabic, English, Spanish, French, and German. A children's version in Arabic is also available.

ENTRANCE FEES: Residents and Tourists - 3 JD with EasyGuides.

VISITING HOURS: Daily, except Tuesdays.10 am till 7 pm except Friday, till 9 pm in summer.



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