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الجامعات الرسمية( الحكومية) في الأردن

Accept a secondary school certificate holders in public universities or state colleges and private. Apply most of the universities in Jordan, American model university-based credit system (Credit Hours), which gives students the flexibility to choose the number of hours and times of the morning or evening. There are many public universities, mostly linked to universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Attract Jordanian universities every year a large number of foreign students Arabs and non Arabs.
The names of public universities (governmental) and addresses 
  • Al-Bayt University 

Title: Jordan / Al-Mafraq. B (130 040) - p. Jubaiha. B (772)

Internet address 
Phone: 4871101 
Fax: 6297025-2-962
  •  Mutah University 
Address Karak 
Internet address 
Phone: 4617860, 4617890-4
Fax: 4654061 
Mail: PO. B 7, Mutah / Karak Jordan 
  • Hashemite University 
Side of the road (motorway) connecting between the cities of Zarqa and Mafraq 
Address: PO. B 591 504
Blue 13 115 Jordan
Internet address 
Phone: 3826600/05 
Fax: 3826613-5-962
  •  University of Jordan 
Address: University of Jordan
Postal Code 11 942
Amman / Jordan
Internet address 
Phone: 5355000 
Fax: 3555511 
  •  Al-Balqa Applied University 

Address City, Salt 

PO. B. 19 117 Post Office Balqa Applied University Salt - Jordan

Internet address 
Phone: 3530467 to 05 
Fax: 3557518-5-9623558078-5-962

    German-Jordanian University 

   Yarmouk University 

   Hussein Bin Talal University 

   University of Science and Technology, Jordan 

   Tafila Technical University 

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بكفي انومعدلات القبول عاليه وكمان برفعو رسوم الجامعات والله حرااااااااااااااااااااام